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Thanks for visiting!  Probably like you, I live and breathe style!  It's what I do - It's what I love! I was that girl who made dollhouses out of cardboard boxes, painted rocks and collected magazines and made mood/style boards, ever since I can remember.  My Father was an Artist and my Mother had a love for Interior Design, so it was no wonder I would become a lover of all things style and a Photo Stylist.

I stepped into my first photo studio as a model in the mid 80's, from there I started my own Licensed Modeling Agency in Massachusetts in the early 90's.  In 1995, I transitioned that Agency into a Styling Agency and have been styling ever since working for national magazines, catalogs, commercials and brands. But, with all that fun and style, I've learned over the years, sometimes the very hard way, (and I share those lessons) that it's important to really know and understand the Business of Style.

Are you an aspiring Stylist wanting to learn the photo styling business, a Blogger interested in styling as a career or adding the expertise to your Blog/Business, a Photographer wanting to add Styling to your business, or are you a Stylist now, looking to perfect your business skills?  I would love to help. Contact me if you have any questions -  I would really love to hear from you.   

Bonnie xo :)



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